Mutual Books, Inc. (MBI) was established in 1959 to provide the country’s accounting students with the best possible sources of educational materials from within and outside the Philippines. The company was founded be seven individuals who were part of the growing accounting educational system. Starting with a small office in Escolta and later transferring to Mandaluyong, the founders become a valuable resource for students and professionals in the field of accounting.In 1984, MBI began to include in its product lines textbooks related to computers and their impact on accounting. Demand for these types of textbooks soon increase as the academe recognized the versatility of the computer and the important contribution it could make to the field of accountancy, not only in data processing but also in information technology. This recognition brought about the inclusion of computer subjects in the CPA board examinations conducted by the Professional Regulations Commission It was during this time that the company realized that the accounting profession was only one user in a vast growing world of computer and IT users.

Wth the advent of the information technology age, MBI has endeavored to seek the best service for professionals in both the accounting and computer fields. Publications from O’Reilly and Associates and South-Western Publishing form part of the materials made available to all individuals willing to pursue a deeper understanding of his or her profession in the filed of accountancy or in the field of computer technology.


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