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Dining Room and Banquet Management

Dining Room and Banquet Management Fourth Edition

Anthony J. Strianese, Pamela P. Strianese        

ISBN-10: 1418053694  ISBN-13: 9781418053697     © 2008     SRP PhP550.00

This text is for the introductory course in a hospitality management program that covers dining room and banquet management. Its emphasis is on the service aspects of a business that will distinguish an outstanding dining experience. The text includes the history of dining room and banquet service, the proper techniques of service, sanitation requirements, and important merchandising concepts. 

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Math Principles for Food Service Occupations

Math Principles for Food Service Occupations, 5th Edition

Anthony J. Strianese, Pamela P. Strianese     384 pages

ISBN-10: 1418016462  ISBN-13: 9781418016463      ©2007     SRP PhP350.00

Math Principals for Food Service Occupations teaches readers that the understanding and application of mathematics is critical for all food service jobs, from entry level to executive chef or food service manager. All the mathematical problems and concepts presented are explained in a simplified, logical, step by step manner. It is a book that guides food service students and professionals in the use of mathematical skills to successfully perform their duties as a culinary professional or as a manager of a food service business. 

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Intro. To Accounting for Hotels  2007 ed.

by  Ma. Violeta Viray-Vicente

ISBN 971-587-036-8     © 2007

SRP PhP150.00



Accommodation Management    

by Verginis and Wood

ISBN 981-4040-58-4     © 1999

SRP PhP300.00



Human Resource Mgmt in the Hospitality Services

by Goldsmith, Sloan & R.C. Wood

ISBN 1-86152-095-6     © 1997

SRP PhP200.00



Managing Wine and Wine Sales

by J. E. Fattorini

ISBN 0-412-72190-2     © 1997

SRP PhP200.00



Researching & Writing Dissertations  

by Clark, Riley, Wilkie & R.C. Wood

ISBN 1-86152-046-8     © 1999

SRP PhP220.00



Tourism in Developing Countries  

by M.Opperman & Kye-Sung Chon

ISBN 0-415-13939-2     © 1997

SRP PhP200.00



Tourism Marketing    

by Les Lumsdon

ISBN 1-86152-045-X

SRP PhP200.00



Working in Hotels and Catering 2/e

R.C. Wood

1-86152-185-5     © 1997

SRP PhP200.00              LIMITED STOCK 




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